DAOBet team is preparing for yet another international event dedicated to blockchain technology and gaming - Crypto Games Conference, which will take place in Minsk on October 17 and 18. CGC will provide the stage for over 65 speakers, who will get the chance to address more than 600 blockchain gaming professionals visiting the event.

As previously announced, Dmitry Belianin – CMO at DAOBet – will take part in two panel discussions on the second day of the conference.

The first one will focus on the iGaming industry and the potential application of blockchain technology in it. The discussion is scheduled for 12:00 midday (Minsk local time), will last for an hour and is set to be hosted by CGC co-founder Andrey Sharnevich. Those involved will discuss the implications of the emerging blockchain technology on the online gambling market.

The second discussion will take place at 5:15 PM on the same day. At the core of this conversation will be marketing challenges of a decentralized gaming market that developers are facing.

After the Crypto Games Conference, we’ll release a summary of the outcomes and highlight the most interesting insights from the panel discussions.

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