DAOBet’s success in reaching a wider audience continues to grow. The latest example of community insight we wanted to share is of Yuma, a Japanese web engineer at Bitbank and self-confessed crypto enthusiast, who used DAOBet as the basis for Bitbank LT Night #4 conference.

Yuma is particularly drawn to Game Channels, having first read about them in our white paper. “Game Channels are very interesting to me,” he says. “Ethereum contracts do not execute game logic but both the player side and the bankroller side execute the same game logic without cheating. It is amazing.”

Although Yuma is impressed with DAOBet overall, it is the Game Channels he really feels can make the biggest difference in the blockchain community. “I have never seen this mechanism before. Another thing we can use is DAOBet protocol in various roles, as a player, bankroller, game developer, casino operator, and an affiliate.”

A regular follower of DAOBet’s updates, Yuma is aware of how complicated the technology is and the need for clearer explanations. “I should have explained that both the player side and the bankroller side execute game logic and communicate with WebSocket. This mechanism is hard to understand because most online games execute game logic on the online game operator side.”

The former software engineer at ACCESS is unsure about the future of crypto and blockchain gambling, however, but is confident DAOBet will play a big part. “I hope DAOBet Protocol is established as a default standard. Then, not only will the online gambling service work, but also many indie games or VR space operated by using DAOBet Protocol.”

“DAOBet is open to anyone who wants to use DAOBet protocol. It means more people support DAOBet rather than the existing gambling industry.”

This is the community insight we wanted to share with you, and express how much we appreciate the review. Stay tuned for more news on our latest projects.

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