Crypto Games Conference, the world’s first conference dedicated to blockchain games and game services, will take place on October 17-18 in Minsk. DAObet team will attend the event alongside with more than 600 industry professionals representing over 25 brands. Sergey Pomorin, Game Developer Lead at DAObet, will deliver a presentation on his first-hand experience in development of decentralized casino games on DAObet protocol.

During the event our team will organize a workshop for developers in our own booth, where we will reveal game demos developed on our protocol, as well as introduce developers to the basics of game development with the use of our SDK. DAObet team will invite developers, both from large studios and independent teams, to participate in Sandbox, our project specifically designed to assist developers in the process of development of decentralized games on our protocol.

Crypto Games Conference is one of the biggest annual events dedicated to the gambling industry and blockchain, and this year it attracted even more companies and speakers, which means more networking value and more sharing of best industry practices and experience for everyone. Our team is excited to take advantage of this opportunity to meet new potential partners and keep the finger on the pulse of the quickly developing gambling industry.

To purchase tickets and find out more about the Crypto Games Conference, visit the official site here. We look forward to seeing you in Minsk next month!

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