We’re happy to announce that following the full third-party evaluation of DAOBet’s Signidice Random Number Generator (RNG), it has been concluded to be exhibiting random behavior.

To certify Signidice’s randomness, Gaming Laboratories International, LLC (GLI) has awarded DAOBet the Certificate of Integrity.

We would like to close sensitive data for the security reason. Hope for your understanding.
Download certificate here:

GLI’s Certificate of Integrity

DAOBet recently submitted Signidice RNG to GLI, to test and evaluate its randomness - to determine its suitability for iGaming. All relevant materials were freely submitted for random number generation analysis. The evaluation’s scope addressed software verification, source code review, and data analysis, testing for RNG’s capacity to produce random outcomes for Dice, Slots and Roulette games.

The Signidice RNG was evaluated against the RNG-specific requirements of the following technical standards:

  • UK Remote
  • Isle of Man
  • Malta Remote

We’re pleased to report that GLI’s conclusion demonstrates that all tests applied to Signidice RNG data showed that Signidice RNG indeed exhibits random behaviour, making it perfectly suitable for iGaming applications.

Why is This Important?

The Certificate of Integrity for Signidice RNG demonstrates that a third-party has evaluated and concluded unbiasedly that DAOBet’s system is provably random. This is what makes this certification so important.

For players, DAOBet is dedicated to providing next-generation iGaming experiences that our users can trust to be underpinned by algorithms that have been tested to be random and fair.

The Certificate of Integrity awarded by GLI to DAOBet’s Signidice implementation gives our users solid proof that our platform is random and fair.

One Last Thing…

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