Even though it’s occurring for the first time, the Malta Blockchain Summit looks set to become the world’s biggest blockchain event. The event will be attended by many of the industry’s leading experts, decentralization pioneers, and regulatory organization representatives. Some of the notable guests for the summit include Ian Balina and John McAfee, as well as numerous top representatives of tech and gambling regulators in Malta.

The event will consist of three parts: the hackathon, the blockchain summit itself and the Malta Blockchain Awards ceremony. The summit will host four main conferences. On November 1st, the Regulatory conference and the Marketing & Investment conference will take place. On November 2nd, it will be the Devs & Technology conference and the Tokenomics & Cryptos conference. The hackathon will begin one day before the conference - on October 31st, along with the Malta Blockchain Awards ceremony.

DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino) is the official partner and co-organizer of the hackathon and we’re proud to be one of the companies that contribute to making the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018 a reality.

Why are we taking part in the Malta Blockchain Summit? First and foremost, our goal is to promote the emerging blockchain iGaming industry. During the hackathon, we’ll be hosting a workshop to inform the participants of the advantages our protocol offers, as well as the tectonic changes that blockchain technology will bring to the online gambling market. The workshop will include a practical session during which we’ll show how easy it is to create games with the use of our SDK, and where we’ll also explain about our Sandbox project for game developers.

The hackathon will give everyone an opportunity to see what it’s like to develop games with the use of our protocol. Those keen on the advanced tasks may also wish to:


At the end of the hackathon, on November 2nd at 18:00 local time, the winner of the grand 50,000 EUR prize will be announced. As an added bonus, there will be smaller prizes in the following categories we devised ourselves: Best DAOBet Games, Best DAOBet Integration, Best Solution for DAOBet Protocol, Best Smart Contract and Best Visualization. The winners of these categories will be invited to continue cooperating with us on shaping the future of the decentralized games market.

Without a doubt, each of the three parts of this grand event, the hackathon, the conferences, and the awards ceremony, deserves more in-depth coverage. That’s why as a partner and co-organizer of the event, DAOBet will keep you informed and up to speed with the latest events through our Twitter and Telegram. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage of the world’s biggest blockchain event.

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