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We update the project code base regularly so we can make it better. Explore all the changes made by our development team. We want to unveil all the hard work we have been doing and keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

Executive summary

We are grateful to all community members took part in the Lottery beta test finished on July 9th.

59 testers from 16 countries took part in beta testing, the most active tester (@hpe) received a 5000 $BET bounty from our team. Beta test was an essential stage on the way to release. We improved the Dice UI. Apart from this, we completed a big job with DC-Messaging library and fixed a set of critical bugs.

Pay attention that from now the primary DAObet news source is our new blog at https://daobet.org/blog/.


The Lottery passed a crucial development stage – beta testing. The activity of our community members turned out to be so high and effective, so we decided to extend beta testing by a day. As a result of the beta test passed on July 5th - 9th within our community members, we have collected valuable information, and we will be able to make the Lottery even better. As soon as The Lottery is ready to be released, we will announce it.

The Lottery changelog:

  • All game and ticket stats is being stored in an individual contract now;
  • Website loading speed was optimized;
  • Data processing was optimized;
  • Full game period stats are now available in a player's profile;
  • Smart contract tests were updated;
  • We started working on decreasing a transaction gas cost;
  • We began developing an onboarding Lottery tutorial;
  • UI usability improved.



During careful testing within team members, we found a way to improve Dice UI. We have also found bugs and fixed critical faults in Dice and the DC-Messaging library.

Dice changelog:

  • Messaging bug between bankroll backers and player during a launch of multiple bankroller apps with the same slug simultaneously fixed;
  • Signal servers' issue when messaging became impossible because of the unavailability of one of the servers fixed.

DCLib & Bankroller changelog

  • Automated change of contracts and slugs of a game in DCLib and the Bankroller according to environment implemented.


Our main product, the DAObet protocol undergoes constant improvements.

During the last two weeks, we improved contracts, created new libraries and expanded the protocol functionality.


What's next

We continue improving the Lottery and in two weeks will show you how does the onboarding tutorial work.

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