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Team Speak

Weekdays in DAObet. What problems arise before us and where are we going? In each issue of Dev Update, our team will talk about their small and big victories, difficulties and expectations – i.e. about everything that cannot be described in dry terms of development.

Mr. Sergey Pomorin, Game Development Lead: “The tutorial demanded our attention in these two weeks. We’d stumbled upon a cool library that helps to make tutorials on the site, but its functionality is limited to us. As a result, we have written this tutorial ourselves; it’s like the well-worn phrase “Self-help is the best help.”

“Now we are working very hard on stability,” Chief Marketing Officer Dmitry Belianin said. “And there's a reason for that; when we release a version of the protocol 0.1 and let developers start developing games in the fall, the stability of the protocol will play a key role.”

Development Executive summary

The past two weeks were marked by optimization and correction of errors. Our library DCLib works better than ever. We realized the processing of the maximum balance in Dice, so that the player could not choose an incorrect level, no bankroller will support. In parallel, we present to you the developments on the lottery tutorial; we will finish it in the near future.


For the first time, it is now more accessible and more understandable to use the lottery thanks to the tutorial. Also, we have optimized the loading of the service site and corrected a lot of mistakes. Now the lottery is loaded much faster and is more stable; in the future, buying tickets will use less gas.

Full list of changes:

  • The tutorial has entered the active development stage, you can see examples in the screenshots.
  • Due to the refactoring of the lottery’s frontend, the website loading has become approximately 10 times faster.
  • The website’s scheduled testing has been completed, a great number of errors have been corrected.
  • The storage of game histories has been temporarily transferred from smart contracts to the server, this allowed for reducing gas consumption substantially at this stage.
  • Ticket purchasing has also been optimized in order to reduce gas consumption.


Here’s a long-awaited function: we have added maximum balance processing to the game. Now it won’t be possible to select such a balance that no bankroller will be able to pay. Besides that, our die is taking confident steps towards mobile platforms!

Full list of changes:

  • Page layout in the Safari browser on macOS & iOS devices has been completed, the interface now looks the same as on the other platforms.
  • Small improvements of the Dice’s interface have been added.
  • Processing of the bankrollers' maximum balance has been implemented, due to this it won’t be possible anymore to select such a balance that no bankroller will be able to pay.
  • Layout of the preloader for the maximum balance has been completed. Now, before placing a stake, while the library is searching for the maximum balance, the user will see the nicely animated preloader on the screen. It will disappear after the balance has been found, so that the player could select a stake

DCLib & Bankroller

We have corrected the errors, including those related to conversion of big numbers into BET tokens.

Full list of changes:

  • Conversion of big numbers into BET now functions correctly. The error had emerged because the web3.fromWei function does not work with the hexadecimal notation.
  • The “connect not open send()” error in DCLib has been corrected. It was related to the websocket web3 wss provider. The error emerged because of the unstable functioning of this possibility in web3. Now we’ve rolled back to httpProvider.
  • The method for searching for the greatest balance among the bankrollers has been added.


Working on the protocol is the main task now for our development team. We are looking for possibilities to optimize its functioning and to realize the maximum of possibilities in version 0.1. It will be released this autumn already.

What’s next

Within the next two weeks, we are going to complete the tutorial on the lottery, to make the functioning of DCLib more stable. You will learn about the most important changes from the next DevUpdate issue, stay tuned.

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