Each area of programming has its key experts and visionaries. At the end of July Dappcon conference held in Berlin gathered all the leaders of a blockchain industry. DAObet Solidity Lead Developer - Alexander Davydov - visited the event. We are glad to share his impressions and thoughts with you.

The primary trend is that smart contracts will become safer. For example, take a look at a new Zeppelin_os tool developed by openZeppelin. It allows to control and update smart contracts on the Ethereum platform with the use of a proxy. "For us and the industry as a whole, the issue of security of smart contracts is in the first place," said Alexander. "Perhaps we will apply Zeppelin_os in our protocol, and I also was impressed by the tools from ConsenSys and Parity Technologies."

The updates of Solidity language will be another factor to increase the security of smart contracts. The organizers decided to arrange special series of speeches devoted to its evolution. At the end of the discussion, experts concluded that for the sake of safety, future projects need to have decentralized management.
Parseclabs organized useful workshops on the widely used Plasma technology while the guys from Truffle told about tips and tricks of the same name tool. The workshops on eth.events and ethQL also turned out to be quite impressive. Dappcon organizers managed to gather the best workshops at the same venue. This allows developers of decentralized applications, including DAObet, to continually improve their software, making it safer and more functional.

About the conference
Dappcon gathered the best representatives of ethereum-based projects, for example - openZeppelin, ConsenSys, Aragon, Melonport, and Gnosis. Due to a large number of speakers and topics, the conference was divided into three parallel streams of speeches - "talks." The organizer of DappCon – Gnosis – is one of the first developers of Ethereum-based decentralized applications.

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