Greetings, DAObet community members and followers. As always, we are keen to share with you our most recent development progress:

Team Speak

“With the use of our SDK, even developers with next to no blockchain experience can create profitable games,” says DAObet Project Manager Alexandra Fetisova. “We proved it during the Imaguru hackathon. It took the participants less than two days to create several complete games. We’re continuing to improve the SDK with the feedback gathered so far. Our goal is to make the process simple enough so that any developer can fulfill their dream and reserve themselves a chunk of the promising decentralized iGaming market.”


Executive summary

We’ve accomplished a lot in the last two weeks. While continuing their work on core products, our team also took part in the Crypto Games Conference (CGC). Recently we’ve been focused on improving the functionality of our backend systems.


The dashboard for bankrollers is under intense development. These improvements will allow us to monitor individual bankrollers, as well as platforms with multiple bankrollers. The web interface will enable admins to track the availability status of the bankroller, as well as being able to review and modify the games list launched with the current bankroller. Our admins will also be able to manage calls from gamers, with their details and current in-game activities available.


  • Completed file upload and storage mechanism
  • User profile is now editable
  • Created sign-in and sign-up forms
  • The backend is undergoing significant changes


We are preparing a major SDK update based on all the feedback from the Minsk hackathon participants and CGC participants. We will soon be announcing all the details in a separate update.

DCLib & Bankroller

In parallel with the main SDK-related tasks, we’re revising the bankroller app and its underlying systems.


We have started testing new lottery contracts, paying special attention to potential vulnerabilities.

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