After an exciting month in Minsk and Malta, our developers have made a number of key improvements to our products following insightful feedback at the hackathons! Check out all of the most important changes below:

Team Speak

"We have made major improvements to the SDK, rewriting it with the new package architecture—all thanks to the feedback from the participants of the Minsk hackathon. The hackathon in Malta has confirmed the viability of our SDK and we’ll continue building upon the success we have had with it so far. Our latest milestone is the launch of Sandbox for developers on November 5th. Both beginners and well-established companies alike will be walked through the development process of a blockchain game and the best of the participants will receive support from DAObet and be featured on our upcoming platform after its release. We’ll announce the results of the Sandbox project on December 24th. This is the first project of its kind in blockchain gambling and we are proud to host it," says DAObet CMO Dmitry Belianin.

Executive summary

We’re delighted to have achieved two goals over the past two weeks. Firstly, we have put our latest SDK through public testing and the feedback was extremely positive, assuring us that we’re moving in the right direction. Secondly, we have greenlighted the Sandbox project, starting its active phase on November 5th. We will now continuously provide in-depth coverage of the participants’ progress.


DAObet platform will provide a fully-functional dashboard for online casino owners, affiliates and developers. Since the last dev update, we have addressed several minor issues.


  • Fixed the bug that occured when trying to register with an already existing private key.
  • Minor bugfixes.

Web site

Our new website, the main source of information about DAObet, was launched on October 31st. We’re still working on optimising it, adding some final touches to its design and ensuring that it’s up to our high usability standards. This is just the beginning, and we’ll continue rolling out improvements to our website and keep you posted in our upcoming dev updates.


  • We have increased the loading speed of our site’s mobile version by several times, measured by Google PageSpeed.
  • The first block of the site now fits one screen whilst still displaying all of the main information after optimisation.
  • Improved compatibility across several browsers and fixed numerous Safari errors.


We have introduced major structural changes to the SDK — which now consists of packages that can be easily added via a package manager such as npm or yarn — in order to improve functionality of the app in development.


  • SDK structure reworked.
  • Windows support added.


We have achieved considerable progress in solving the persisting lottery stability problems. We have corrected the ERC-721 contract errors related to ticket purchase, jackpot winnings and payout.


  • ERC-721 smart contract errors fixed.
  • Tests fixed to match the latest version of the smart contract.
  • Added tests for varying winning combinations.

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