Hello and welcome to the last Dev Update in its usual format.

As we are transferring to a new Blockchain, a decision was made to change the process of our Dev Updates. Once this Dev Update is published, we will be dividing our communications into two sections: Dev Diary and Dev Update.

  • Dev Diary will come out after each Sprint and cover what our team has been working on for the past two weeks.
  • Dev Update will become a quarterly report on overall achievements and where, according to our Roadmap, DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino) is heading.

Executive summary:

  • DAOWallet integration
  • Bankroller stress-testing
  • Security enhancing
  • Platform-to-game synergy improving

What DAOBet says:

We are coming to the final stages of finalizing the Wallet integration within the platform. Right now, it is undergoing internal testing, which should lead to the next milestone in the ecosystem’s optimization and testing. The DAOWallet has been successfully integrated within our Blockchain and can handle every EOS.io-like token. Therefore, teams should be able to make the migration from the old BETs in a quick and simple manner.

In our vision, DAOWallet is made to ensure authorization of the player who is going to play any DAOBet Game, which will enhance the players’ experience. We have developed a custom library called ‘dc-events’ in order to achieve that and make a game’s iframe work together with the DAOWallet app on the Platform. The DAOWallet now has its own OAuth-like authorization system. This allows it to work both independently as an app or as a part of it within the platform, without any security problems. Looking towards the future, the team thinks that it would be great to have the DAOWallet as an app for the authorization task in any part of the ecosystem, both within and outside of gambling. We have recently written an article about our Wallet, so feel free to take a look in case you’ve missed it!

The other aspect to consider is performance-testing for the bankroller system. The more powerful and stable the system is, the higher the possible player count at the same time without delays. This is one of the most important development steps, as well as the process of verification for the random generator scheme. As there appears to have been a bottleneck during the stress-testing libP2P scheme, we now have to search for the alternative decentralized solution. It must be stable and fast enough to provide high-performance for our platform.

Using a mixture of the latest cryptographic tunneling schemes, authorization is now completely secured. The team is working especially carefully in relation to users’ data security. We cannot share any details for obvious reasons, but every step is taken with careful planning and extreme precision. We care about security and want to ensure a solid system, as you would find in the most well-protected of fortresses.

Next steps:

  • Find an alternative decentralized solution instead of libp2p
  • DAOWallet widget for external platforms’ authorization
  • Development of smart contracts for Affiliate Management

To sum everything up:

There was full solution stress-testing, that highlighted the points to pay attention to.

Final message

We are glad to share our local, Sprint success stories with you and are powering up our Development team to enhance our product. Naturally, you will have already heard about the development of our new blockchain. We will reveal more details within the next part of our development content, both in Dev Updates and Dev Diaries.

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