Hey, DAObet token holders and fans,
We are happy to tell you about the development of our products. You will be the first to discover new features of DAObet ecosystem and its advantages in the iGaming market.

Ms. Alexandra Fetisova from DAObet:

We have set very ambitious goals realizing that more resources will be needed to achieve them. If you want work to bring you pleasure, if you have an inquisitive mind and you want to work on fundamentally new products and leave your mark in the blockchain gambling history — get in touch with us at a@dao.casino. Maybe, we can work together. If, in doing so, you are a Node.js ninja, Master of DevOps, or Frontend JS Guru – our meeting is inevitable.


Executive summary

We have focused our efforts on three critical areas: SDK, platform architecture and protocol. But this does not mean that we have not paid attention to the other elements of the ecosystem.


Over the past two weeks, we have made significant progress in developing the SDK. Its creation is now a priority for us. Since the middle of July we have made 52 commits to the master branch alone, and in total there have been 59 commits to the SDK repository, and almost 12,500 changes in 89 files altogether.
We try to ensure that the development community receives the highest quality SDK to work with the Protocol. To accomplish this, we are creating detailed documentation and will present it to the community in the near future.


We have made the lottery more effective: now the history of the drawings will be stored on the company's server, not in the blockchain. History will analyze the game in different ways and make the game better. At the same time, there is no need to use blockchain to store these data, because they can not affect the results. Among other changes in the lottery: we have added Russian localization of the game and completed the tutorial.

Full list of changes:

  • Developed a new algorithm for storing game history
  • Launched graphql server for history storage
  • Configured mutations on the server
  • Added Russian localization
  • Completed the tutorial



We have worked out in detail the internal architecture of the platform and started the next stage of its development.

Full list of changes:

  • The internal architecture of the platform was approved and since has been developed and refined
  • The main page of the site has been redesigned and optimized

DCLib & Bankroller

We have added several new ways for users to create an account in the system and tested them for performance.

Full list of changes:

  • Now you can register an account from scratch and thereafter use your own private key.


During these two weeks, we have made great strides in improving the stability of the Protocol, and now its stability and reliability are our priority goals. The results of the last internal test Protocol DAObet has become more stable by 12.2%.

Thank you for being with us.

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