The main changes of the past two weeks indicate significant progress in the development of the Protocol and the online-casino showcase within DAObet platform.
Hey, DAObet token holders and fans, we want to show appreciation to all members of our community for trust and support! We are approaching the release of the developer preview beta of our Protocol.

Executive summary

Over the past two weeks, we have improved our Protocol and platform. At the nearest future, we will release the first developer preview beta version of the Protocol. We want it not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners and community members.

Team Speak

Maxim Nikolaenko, CLO (Chief Legal Officer):

My team and I recently made a very productive trip to Malta. Today, Malta is the real blockchain-island. The best and most ambitious blockchain projects look at this location when seeking a site for their operations. They do it because the Maltese government is creating a flexible and understandable legislative framework for regulating blockade technology for all gambling market participants. We had a productive meeting with MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), which is responsible for the regulation of gambling. When you meet such optimism and desire to implement blockchain into the daily life of a place, you begin to understand how different is the reality of blockchain really from the negative notions of sceptics.

The protocol

We have significantly updated the Protocol. Our team has made an extensive refactoring of smart contracts and added new mechanics. Now the Protocol has become more flexible, and each member of the ecosystem will be able to adjust its preferences.


We have continued refining the concept of data storage, on which we were working during the last two weeks. The lottery infrastructure is becoming more and more efficient: our team considered a process of data recording to the server without the player's participation. Now temporary data can be extracted from the smart contract. Also, we have localised the Lottery to the Russian language.

A full list of changes:

  • Added a new schema for writing data to the server.
  • Added a Russian localisation

A showcase Casino

A showcase casino is another principal element of the DAObet ecosystem. Our platform will provide a comprehensive set of tools for game DApps management and analytics. Recently, we have developed the essential functionality and design of the showcase casino. We have also worked on and tested a responsive layout.

A full list of what we have made:

  • The main page of the showcase casino
  • Games list page
  • Player profile
  • Sign-in and Sign-Up mechanics
  • IPFS game storage
  • Transaction history in the player's profile
  • An ability to edit a player's profile

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