2018 was a major turning point for us for several reasons. Throughout every step of the year we have been telling you how our team has been developing DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino). For one, we moved from theoretical calculations to the practical implementation of DAOBet concept. We also held many events, meetings and implemented several projects. We are grateful and encouraged by your response to the DAOBet Protocol and Platform that we also received from the community and potential partners. You can expect even more progress as 2019 is the year bigger plans will be implemented.


Our Sandbox project is developing at full speed, with all the project’s participants showing great involvement. We are helping them to create the first games on our SDK and solve questions together. We initially wanted to provide the results of the Sandbox on December 21st, but at the participants’ request, we extended the Sandbox until the end of January. The holiday period interrupted the allocated time to work with SDK.

We have continued to improve the Protocol and the Platform, the demo version of which was shown at the SiGMA conference in Malta. DAOBet Team do everything to ensure that our service is of the highest quality by the date of the mainnet launch and the beginning of the ecosystem commercial work. International events played a big role for us, especially SiGMA. Our stand was visited by hundreds of people, including representatives of the leading iGaming companies, developers and solution providers of the online gambling industry. It is very important to understand the market trends and changes so that by the end of the development stage the main product stays necessary and relevant.


For the effective promotion of DAOBet, the marketing department has implemented a number of large-scale projects this year. One of these was an updated corporate website, that we have continued to improve, even now in December. It now meets all the modern requirements of the blockchain industry in terms of corporate resources. It is built for representatives of each target audience group, it is easy to navigate and you can find all the necessary information there about the company and our services. There is a section devoted to developers, as well as a constantly updated resource for the Sandbox participants.

The redesign of our website is just the tip of the iceberg. Before the redesign, it was up to the DAOBet marketing team to solve a number of tasks. We have now completely changed the visual style of the company and developed templates for promotional materials and other products (merchandise, etc). For a clearer and more effective positioning, we also carried out some analytical research on the target audience of DAOBet Protocol and Platform.


From the very beginning, we set out a goal of being the first to tell our community members all DAOBet important news and plans. With this in mind, we support a broad variety of communication channels. In December, we prepared DAOBet’s first ever online stream of AMA with CTO Mihail Oznobkin and Head of Community Stanislava Barysheva. The broadcast took place on December 27th at 2pm GMT.

DAOBet in media


The end of 2018 for us is the end of the experimental period. We developed a demo version of the Platform, introduced the SDK and brought together the best game developers in the Sandbox project to create games on our Protocol. Thank you for staying with us in 2018. 2019 will be even more rich for events and updates :).

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