It is exciting times again at DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino), as we are making big progress on several projects. Under the clatter of a few dozen keyboards, we are further developing our Protocol and Wallet, as well as enhancing our infrastructure. February was very productive. By this year’s second Dev Update, we have already conducted research and made changes that have allowed us to form a clearer plan for the development of the company in the coming months. Soon we will be able to show you the new roadmap for 2019.

What DAOBet says:

“Thanks to our Head of Q&A, testing has reached a new level (which you can read more about in the article we published recently). A lot of research is being carried out, and there is big news that we will announce as soon as is possible. We will also soon present the roadmap that we have worked on for a long time. Furthermore, next month we will show you the next iteration of DAOBet.”

Dmitry Belianin, CMO at DAOBet

Executive summary:

  • Testing the wallet and the game state saving system
  • How the game state saving system works

Testing the Wallet and the game state saving system

By working during those two sprints, we have concentrated on building an automatic testing framework and checking reliance on all of its features.

As you will remember from the last article about how we use tests, our Head of Q&A, Evgeny Rovinsky, introduced a modern approach for testing our products. As such, the Q&A team has conducted even more innovative testing methods in the last two sprints and are ready to share their experiences.

“We started with the question “With what kind of errors can our users run into?” Immediately afterwards, we came up with a way on how to stop worrying and start controlling it.
We have added automated tests in every single part of our platform, everything from games to the wallet. The idea is to run these tests frequently and automatically. We will instantly be notified of any possible errors, and will get a full understanding of how to react promptly.
With the use of flaky tests, we paid special attention to software errors that seem to disappear or alter its behavior when a user attempts to study it.
At the moment we are constantly working on a framework where automated testing will correctly run after each change to code by developers. We will develop this theme separately in an upcoming dev update.”

Evgeny Rovinsky, Head of Q&A

After the test, we spotted some blind spots and we will carry out fixes. Another important aspect is that once the new feature comes out, we start testing it right away. This is all thanks to the automatization process.

How the game state saving system works

We have created an improvement that allows players to resume a game at the same state if reconnection occurs. The feature is designed to secure the state both from the player’s and  the bankroller’s perspective. This solution will save money for the players and bankrollers and improve the overall user experience.

Relatively speaking, every move is being stored in the browser’s local storage, with the bankroller’s details going into the database. This solution is made to restore the session for both bankrollers and players. In the scenario that a player has disconnected due to the network or other issues, the player will still be able to return to the game with the same amount of money, exactly where they left off.

For this mission, we used the new database to store the bankroller’s state combined with our previous developments.

Bankroller works on node.js. The main change that occurred during those two sprints is that we have added a special database to store the state of the bankroller. The bankroller uses DC-Cli to access the DC-Statistics-Service to reach the database with all the necessary information about the money distribution in order to restore the state of the game.

For the next months, our plans are:

  • Explore and describe Signidice
  • Merkle Stamp
  • CI/CD
  • Server-side API
  • Research Strapi

To sum everything up:

During the last two sprints, we have extended the testing process, making it enterprise-scale and automated. By working on the Game State Saving System, we have gradually improved the experience of playing any games on our platform.

Final message

There are even more changes coming up in the next sprints, and we cannot wait to share them with you! The Roadmap will also be announced very soon.

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