Welcome to the DAObet (ex — DAO.Casino) dev update, our first in 2019. We hope this first month of the year went well for you and like us, you have made some big plans for the upcoming year. The recent month for DAObet developers was a big turning point in many ways. As the calendar page turns from 2018 to 2019, we have started outlining the major plans for the new year.

We have made a firm decision to rethink the timing of the dev update publication. We have carried out a process of transition to a full-scale flexible model of software development process management. We have made a long-term investment into training our employees and have set up the full-fledged Scrum&Agile artifacts. Our team has also been practicing adaptive development planning systems, such as Agile, for over some months now.

After the implementation of Agile, our progress (measured by the completed tasks during one Sprint) is connected to the two-week development process. Therefore, we decided to issue dev updates whenever two sprints are completed and we have significant changes to share with you. This means that we will publish disclosable information about the development achievements every four weeks.

We are proud to announce that we have built the backlog for several sprints and have made a base for steady development for the whole year.

What DAObet says:

“One of the most important artifacts of Scrum is retrospective, where we talk through the good and bad experiences. We started to improve our sprints gradually with the use of this simple technique: Each of our Scrum Members lists the pros and cons of the Sprint. They are then read out and the members vote on the most important cons that they would definitely improve upon in the upcoming Spring. After the vote is complete, each member discusses those worst aspects of the Sprint and how best to solve them. Then, responsibility is carefully given to a member who will track the solution in the upcoming Sprint. The team also makes a summary of what has been improved since the last Sprint.”

Sergey Pomorin, Scrum Master at DAObet

Executive summary:

  • DC Wallet
  • Dice games testing & Sentry Integration

DC Wallet

We made the DC Wallet to enable the user to keep BET and ETH on the platform, as well as to transfer and receive them (and to make the process of authorization easier without any lengthy signup process and confirmation). This is one of the main functions that provide players with a fully working system of gaming and gambling. As we value UI/UX and want to give our users the best experience possible, the Wallet’s purpose is to simplify the steps of registration and money storage and transfer. Our developers integrated the Wallet into the platform and made the joint interface for BET and ETH. After registration within the ETH network or by buying BET tokens, the user can send the BET tokens or ETH directly by using the receiver's address or by scanning a QR code (this scheme also works vice versa). The Wallet stores the private key and provides a secure solution for opening and closing game channels, as well as the cryptocurrency usage.

Dice Games Testing: CI and Sentry Integration

Our Q&A Team performed great results in achieving full automation of the testing routine. We created a specific approach to develop the AI framework to test the games. We have also automated the test launch in our Continuous Integration Cloud, which is applied for within the Platform, the Wallet and inner components tests. Sentry Integration was implemented for Platform errors being monitored in real life.

In essence, the tests can now run independently (the tester’s computer may as well be switched off, but the tests will still run). There is analytics that is gathered while testing. All this automation makes the process self-sufficient and frees Q&A members for the other equally important tasks, as well as making the testing more accurate.

For the next months, our plans are:

  • Develop a game state saving system (we have created an improvement that allows players to resume a game at the same state if reconnection occurs)
  • Test the wallet and the game state saving system (build an automatic testing framework and check all features resilience)
  • Integrate the Wallet support into all games on the platform
  • Create statistics reports for players on their gaming process

To sum everything up:

We have attached this dev update to the two completed development sprints (which covers four weeks). We have also achieved a great result in building the Wallet without using third-party software and codebase.

Final message

Thank you for staying with us and following our updates 😉. Although it is a start of the year and there was not much time for development due to the Winter holidays, we have taken a big step towards releasing our platform by making a Wallet and performing many tests. We are looking forward to sharing more information on our development progress with you. See you in Telegram and other social media channels!

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