Hello, you are reading a fresh new dev update telling you our news from the last two sprints, covering the beginning of March right up until today.

We know we have been a little quiet these past few days, but there is a good explanation. It is because we are preparing something big! There is a roadmap coming out that will determine our flow for the upcoming three months.

For the past four weeks, we have been concentrating on our overall performance and optimization.

Executive summary:

  • Optimization of the channel opening
  • Server Side Rendering

Channel opening optimization

As we pay close attention to user experience and interface, as well as for the speed of interactions with our platform, we decided to speed up the crypto processes from the client side.

We have started to use Web Assembly as an alternative to JavaScript for cryptographic operations on the client side (inside the browser). We have also developed a new module, using Rust in Web Assembly when working with RSA. As you know, Web Assembly is a standard that defines binary and text formats for executables used by web pages.

We believe that these processes will allow us to quicken the user-client interaction speed, which will improve the overall level of interaction with the UI.

There are two initial parts in this system: the client and the bankroller. The latter issues the RSA keys. After our update, such keys will be generated in multiple quantities to ensure a quicker speed for the player. In other words, when the player enters the game, there are several keys that have been created. Before we made multiple keys generation, it used to take up to several seconds to create one single key each time there was game action. Now when the user joins, the bankroller gives out the preliminary created key. While the player presses the “Connect” button, the bankrollers start generating the new RSA keys. In order to generate such RSA keys the bankroller needs to a search for the largest known prime number. There is a pool of RSA keys for future players that guarantees a seamless user experience.

Server Side Rendering

We have been doing some Server Side Rendering recently. The main reason for this is to make UX and UI flawless, as well as helping users follow our website without any issues. In order to do so, we used the most up-to-date solutions, such as Next.js, React/Redux and styled-components.

Our skilled front-enders managed to create first contentful paint in order to make the website callback faster. We reduced the time of movement and tab switching within the website - from now on the process will be far quicker, especially for the site’s first load.

While we have enhanced the performance on the initial website load, the second and later loadings’ speed have also increased due to the cache usage, improving the performance and UX in every way. SPA (single page application, a web application or web site that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page) was made to ensure that the page does not reload when you click on another tab inside of the website. Instead, the tab immediately opens without any reloading.

We did not forget about mobile users, as we provided the seamless mobile experience. The pictures on our website are now displayed in a particular size depending on the device being used.

From the technological point of view, we reconfigured all components and improved the SEO and site accessibility. Furthermore, some refactoring was carried out. As such, text contains were optimized and accessible text descriptions for all links and buttons and text descriptors (that affects SEO and accessibility) were added. The search engines will now list the website more frequently.

In the future, the above technologies can be applied for with our other products.

For the next few months, our plans are:

  • Pay even more attention to the optimization of processes
  • Create more tests
  • Encourage game developers to create games using our protocol

To sum up everything:

We are getting ready for the next big steps here at DAO.Casino. By doing SSR and improving game channel opening speed, we prepare the ground for more vital changes.

Final message

Thank you for reading our dev updates and following us on our networks. More changes are to come and we look forward to sharing them with you ;)

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