Greetings, DAObet community members and followers. As usual, we’re happy to share with you our most recent development progress:

Team Speak

Alexandra Fetisova, DAObet Project Manager: “The first hackathon that marks the release of our SDK and launch of Sandbox, has come to an end. Thanks to the developers participating in the hackathon, we now know how to continue improving our SDK, what fixes to make and what features to add in order to make it as easy to use as possible for developers. It was an amazing experience working with motivated and enthusiastic hackathon participants and seeing them solve complex problems with our assistance.”

“We were happy to see so many enthusiastic developers ready to collaborate with us on SDK improvement,” - added Alexandra - “Three teams made it into the hackathon finals and each of them managed to present a working game on our protocol. We invited the teams to our Sandbox so that they could continue working on their projects and eventually turn them into commercially successful products. We hope to get more developers involved in making games on our SDK, while we’ll support them and continue streamlining the development process.”

Executive summary

We received a lot of positive feedback on our SDK and Sandbox from developers and did a lot of tweaking to them in advance of the Minsk hackathon. We’re also pushing towards the final release of the platform and the protocol and added ERC-721 support to our Lottery.


The hackathon has confirmed that DAObet protocol is stable and functional enough for such events. During the last two weeks, we have fixed several vulnerabilities, added Signidice algorithm tests, integrated a tool to control gas price and several other important changes.


  • Added Signidice library tests with node-RSA
  • Developed and integrated gas-reporter tool
  • Addressed several errors


Our platform is slowly but surely taking final shape. As we have previously described in more detail in the previous Dev updates, we completed extensive code refactoring and introduced a new UI. This time, among other things, we added a new feature that allows developers to update a game already deployed on the protocol. Lastly, we also updated our platform’s design in alignment with our new brand guidelines.


  • Enabled updating of deployed games
  • Updated the platform’s visuals and UI after rebranding
  • Reworked Game Uploading Dashboard’s section for developers



We have implemented the support for non-interchangeable ERC-721 in our Lottery smart-contracts. Such tokens are well-suited for certain types of online games, such as lotteries, as they allow lottery tickets to be traded on secondary markets. Other notable developments have been made in finalizing the API for the Lottery frontend.


  • Implemented contracts for ERC-721 tokens.
  • Finalized the API frontend
  • Developed tests for smart-contracts and frontend components (tabs, sidebar, placeholder, pastDraws(logic), blocksCounter, alert, tickets (logic))

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