Hey DAObet community members and token holders,
We’ve made a lot of exciting progress over the past few weeks, most notably with the alpha version of our Casino Showcase. There are a ton of big updates and events relating to its launch, and you can read a summary of all the key details below:

Team Speak

"In addition to the upcoming hackathons in Minsk and Malta, soon we will announce the launch of a set of applications in DAObet’s sandbox. Also, we will announce the launch of our SDK with documentation", - said Business Development Manager Danila Pleshkov.

"We are actively developing the community of crypto games developers and within the framework of the sandbox, the game studios will have the opportunity to get to know the product of DAObet. The developers will be able to integrate the protocol into their own games or create new ones using ready-made templates”.

Executive summary

Autumn is an exciting time for us. We are preparing for numerous major events, including a hackathon which will be held in Minsk from October 5th-7th. Specially for this event, we have prepared an alpha version of Casino Showcase.


Once again, let us say a few words about our platform: in addition to the protocol, this is one of the most important elements of our ecosystem. In preparation for the October hackathon in Minsk, our team has finished work on the alpha version of Casino Showcase. Games' showcases that we will publish on the Casino Showcase website will allow developers to assess the capabilities of the protocol and demonstrate its basic principles.

Full list of changes:
• Casino Showcase alpha version has been refactored.
• The work on the minimal internal part of the Showcase has been completed.
• The validation of input data in the profile has been implemented.


We have finished developing adaptive layout. This means that it is convenient to play from any mobile or tablet device. In parallel, our team is working on the back end for the operator. With it, operators will be able to transfer the Lottery platform to their site, as well as manage it.

Full list of changes:
• A home page and a screen with tickets has been developed, featuring full adaptive support for smartphones and tablets.
• Implemented unit tests for components.
• Development of a website section for the Lottery operators has begun.

DCLib & Bankroller

We moved our DCLib library to the latest version of the webpack module builder (webpack 4) and updated the dependencies to the latest versions. For Bankroller-core, our team wrote unit tests and began work on integration and load tests. This is an extremely important stage in the development, as our main focus is now on rigorous testing of our protocol. This is necessary in order to improve fault tolerance, identify and eliminate errors and inheritance. The implementation of this phase ensures that after the start of public testing, users will test the product, rather than suffer from errors and low stability.

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