Hey, DAObet community members and token holders,

Our team is happy to share the latest updates with you as usual. The particular highlights of our latest updates are related to the launch of Sandbox for game developers and a first public release of an SDK, both rolled out on time to be presented to developers all around the world. Read more about our recent progress below:

Team Speak

“The release of an SDK and a documentation is one of the most important stages of our roadmap. We’re getting a lot of valuable feedback from a community of game developers. – said Dmitry Belianin, CMO, DAObet. – In addition to that, we have launched our Sandbox for developers. Stay tuned. Shortly we will announce details regarding rewards for the Sandbox project.”

Executive summary

Ahead of the upcoming events in Minsk and Malta, we’re working hard towards making our SDK as full-featured and bug-free as possible, because that’s what we’re going to present to developers during the upcoming hackathons and workshop sessions. That’s why our efforts are focused on the SDK, code refactoring, troubleshooting, and feedback. We’re also excited by a constantly increasing number of Sandbox applications and so far we like how the Sandbox project is taking shape.


We have made improvements to the Protocol: Signidice algorithm now uses the updated RSA library, RSA verification function in smart contracts is also updated. Among other notable developments - our protocol has passed a series of internal tests and the Truffle toolset has been updated to version 5.

A full list of changes:

  • Updated library for RSA signature used for the Signidice algorithm
  • Updated RSA verification function in smart-contract
  • Added new methods to Utils.sol library, e.g. method to check for duplicate signatures
  • Added more tests
  • Updated project to Truffle v. 5


Our platform is getting closer to the stage of public testing. Over the past few weeks, we have fixed a considerable number of bugs, refactored the platform’s code and made progress in back-end architecture.

We’re migrating to GraphQL from Strapi, with the basic functionality already implemented, including user authentication, account registration, profile editing, email and username availability checks, and other features.

A full list of changes:

  • Backend architecture improved
  • Platform code refactored
  • Multiple bugs and UI issues fixed
  • BET token faucet added to the platform


Find the Ethereum game


SDK (you can find our SDK here) has remained a focal point of our development for a while now, now it is time to share it with developers around the world. At this point, the SDK has all the bare necessities that help integrate DAObet protocol and a blockchain technology into an already existing product, as well as develop a new one from scratch. Our SDK is developed and maintained with the feedback we receive from developers and the goal of streamlining all the stages of the development process of a DApp, while allowing developers to keep using their preferred tools for game development. We have already published a more detailed announcement about the SDK on our blog.


Developers are busy running tests

In the upcoming versions of the SDK our dev team will focus on:

  • Fixing bankroller related issues and bugs in the deployment utility for the SDK (dc-cli)
  • Testing the SDK for compatibility with vanilla JS
  • Compatibility improvements with React.JS
  • Updated documentation: Additional SDK tutorials, including demo videos and interactive tutorials


We have redesigned the dashboard, made significant improvements to the lottery UI/UX and made it responsive for tablets and smartphones. At this stage, testing still remains a top priority for the Lottery development team.

A full list of changes:

  • Components tested
  • Admin dashboard redesigned and is now responsive
  • Developed Lottery smart contract version 2.0

DCLib & Bankroller

We started internal testing of DCLib contracts and messaging, high-load and integration testing. We working on stability issues and preparing for the hackathon.

Important changes:

  • Fixed bugs in the SDK that prevented DClib and Bankroller from starting up in the Ethereum TestNet environment
  • Refactored the code
  • Started building an environment for the development of DCLib, Bankroller app and testing them

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