Since the launch of GoS, the participating validators have produced an average of 16,000 blocks each. A 25% stake has been activated.

There are currently 23 validators on the network.

The wonderful fellows from Cosmostation have joined us and it is a great honor for us to have them onboard. We wish them good luck in the competition.

The main events of the past day:

An important event that took place on the network was that a peak load of 12,000 tps was recorded (many thanks to Igor from EOS Rio for that achievement). This was the first team on the GoS network to find blocks with 5,909 and 6,127 transactions (blocks 769,052 and 769,051)

Those were the two biggest blocks in the sequence.

This means that the GoS network had a peak load of 12,000 tps, which is a great result!

Just as yesterday, today an Airdrop was held and each validator received an additional amount of BET test tokens. Validators, please check your balances!

At the moment, the EOS Rio team is the lead with 16,578 Validator Points, followed close behind by the representatives of kaiserlabs11 with 16,544 Validators Points. Third place if firmly held by the daovalidator team with 16,498 Validator Points.

In addition to this, the validators extended the p2p-peer-address list, thereby strengthening the network. The cohesive work of the validators allows the network to be more stable and more productive.

The given results are merely preliminary, as many participants are still joining the game, and those who joined a bit later are already catching up with the leaders.

Stay with us, and do not forget to vote for each other and claim rewards!

Important update and reminder for all participants:

We urge all participants currently using the GoSv0.1 node version to update the software. Instructions on how to do it can be found at:


Do not forget that you can still join Game Of Stakes and lay claim to the prizes!

The steps needed to start:

  1. Fill in the following form if you have not already
  2. Register your account using the given instructions
  3. Launch you node with this script
  4. Congrats on joining the Game!

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