Since the launch of GoS, the participating validators have produced an average of 24,000 blocks each A 27% stake has already been activated.

A new member has joined the game: daobetglobal.

Thus, 24 validators are now vying for victory on the network.

The events of the past day:

The three leaders have changed as the representatives of kaiserlabs11 are in first place, P2P Validator are right behind them, and former leader EOS Rio is in third place.

In addition, the validators have expanded the p2p-peer-address list, thereby strengthening the network. The cohesive work of the validators allows the network to be more stable and more productive.

Many thanks to Nick from Everstake who made a guide on how to start a node without a docker:

And special thanks to the entire Everstake team for adding two more peers and launching a full node!

DAObet full history node from:

This will make the GoS network stronger and more resilient to attacks and more perceptive for transactions.

New participants are continuing to join the game. Stay with us, and do not forget to vote for each other and claim rewards!


Do not forget that you can still join Game Of Stakes and lay claim to the prizes!

The steps needed to start:

1) Fill in the following form if you have not already

2) Register your account using the given instructions

3) Launch you node with this script

4) Congrats on joining the Game!

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