Since the launch of GoS, the validators have already produced an average of 30,000 blocks each. A 28% stake has already been activated.

The events of the past day:

The three leaders at the moment are the following:

Just as yesterday, the representatives of kaiserlabs11 are retaining their leadership, but the guys from EOS Rio have climbed to second place, followed by P2P Validator.

The representative of Everstake have made a good breakthrough and are now in 8th place. They are slowly but surely heading to the top three.

We will continue to publish information over the weekend about the events of the game and the top three on Twitter and in the Telegram channel of the validators.

We will also be informing you of any unusual events that take place over the past day. For example, we are now monitoring a benchmark launched by one of the participants and its impact on network stability. A full report of what happened in Game of Stakes over the weekend will be published in detail on Monday.

Happy Friday and a fun-packed weekend to all the participants!

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