DAOBet team continues sharing with the feedback from Validators that participated in Game of Stakes. The baton comes to Booyoun Kim, Software Engineer at Cosmostation.

What are your impressions upon DAOBet's Game of Stakes?

DAOBet seemed like an interesting gambling platform. A betting platform built with BFT made it a fairly fast and stable blockchain.

What were the difficulties you met, and how did you overcome them?

I have looked into the smart contracts of many blockchain gambling platforms in the past, and most of them were built on EOS. The biggest concern for smart contract developers is that it takes a long time to achieve finality on the EOS blockchain. However, DAOBet solves this problem with its BFT consensus. There weren’t that many difficulties as everything was fairly straightforward. The node installation process was easy, and the DAOBet developers were very responsive.

What did you enjoy most in Game of Stakes?

What I enjoyed most in Game of Stakes was that everyone was able to get the opportunity to learn more about DAOBet and participate in the process of finding vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors. The same goes for my past experience in participating in the Cosmos Game of Stakes. I feel that an incentivized testnet like this is one of the most important steps a project can take before launching mainnet. It helps strengthen the project’s security, usability, and overall features, and also helps community members get up to speed on the details of the network.

Anything else you want to mention or comment?

One of the most important factors that decides whether or not a project will succeed is its ability to gain traction and attract developers to build applications on top of the platform. I hope that DAOBet finds ways to collaborate with good back-end and front-end developers to provide usability and accessibility to users at its early stage.

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