Our Silver Medalist – Felvalidator shared the thoughts upon Game of Stakes, its organization and the competitive spirit:

What are your impressions upon DAOBet’s Game of Stakes?

DAOBet's GoS was a great, fun and innovative way of testing the network. I really appreciated the way that it was conducted by the organization and the way that the participants, even though they were competing, helped each other by aiming for getting the best out of the network.

What were the difficulties you met, and how did you overcome them?

I got behind in the beginning, so I had to catch up with the leaders during the competition. In the meantime, I was testing new techniques and configurations for my infrastructure in order to have the best performance. Luckily everything ran well and I caught up with the leaders in the last days of the competition.

What did you enjoy most in Game of Stakes?

What I really enjoyed in GoS was that we had the chance to compete with great validators and learn a lot about the DAOBet. I'm really happy to help the project test its usability.

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