We sincerely hope that you had a great and productive weekend and managed to save up some strength for new victories that lie ahead.

But for the participants of Game of Stakes, the weekend was a busy one, as the GoS network was subjected to several strength tests, which allowed some of the validators to change their standings in the leaderboards.

The main events of the past weekend:

We recorded several spikes in the tps, which affected the stability of the work of some of the participants’ nodes, thereby introducing some serious changes to the lineup of the leaders.

The guys from eosriobrazil returned to first place, as the weekend obviously had a positive impact on the performance of their nodes. Second place is now occupied by ex-leaders kaiserlabs11. Our sincerest congratulations go to the guys from everstakedao, who literally stormed into the top three after making a huge leap in performance.

Former outsider p2pvalidator is not far behind the leaders. They are now in 4th position and are continuing to relentlessly battle for the top three.

The same can be said of daomintercap, who rose from 15th to 9th place.

We wish all of our participants a tranquil Monday and a productive week ahead!
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