There have been some major updates in DAOBet that we cannot wait to tell you more about.

First of all, Game of Stakes is over, and once again we want to kindly thank all its participants! Validators of our testnet have made a valuable impact on our product’s development. If you have missed it, you can read more about it in our blog.

Secondly, token swap will start soon to help transfer new BET tokens to DAOWallet. It will consist of two steps: token claim (verification of the amount of BET tokens assigned to each token holder) and token swap (the transfer of tokens from Ethereum to DAOBet blockchain). We will provide more information on the token claim and swap, such as its starting time and FAQ in our upcoming articles.

Furthermore, DAOBet is proud to announce the alpha version of DAOWallet coming soon! The development team has been working on it for a while now and ready to make a brief spoiler of what is waiting for us ahead.

The upcoming DAOWallet will be an irreplaceable interface for lovers of blockchain-based games. DAOBet is striving to improve the overall gaming experience for its users by introducing a specialized decentralized application. The DAOBet development team knows exactly what players are expecting from modern and future gaming, and that is why the new wallet is being developed for a variety of uses on the platform.

The DAOWallet is a secure and easy way to use crypto wallet for iGaming with a broad range of advantages. The convenience the wallet provides includes the instant receive of real-time payouts from winning the game on the platform. The wallet can also act as a single entry point and will allow its user to start playing games in just a few clicks with completed log in to any game on the platform. The players will also be able to store all their bonuses on the wallet.

The DAOWallet introduces a secure place for storing the BET tokens and other digital assets, and will act as gateway for asset exchange. The DAOWallet provides the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and ensures security through the encryption of private keys.

DAOWallet’s free-to-use and unlimited potential are the key factors that DAOBet is aiming at ensuring. That is why the new wallet will allow users to make their BET tokens work via delegation straight from the wallet without any account fees and with no minimum terms on deposits.

DAOBet is the blockchain with iGaming in mind and that is why adherence to global scales and decentralization play an integral role in the philosophy behind the new DAOWallet. In the true spirit of decentralization, users will be able to stake and vote using their BET tokens and get unlimited access to the platform from anywhere in the world. And as the convenience of platform users is the highest priority of the DAOBet team, 24/7 user support will be provided to all wallet users to resolve any issues and answer any relevant questions.

To give more insight, DAOWallet is to become a key link between the affiliates, operators, game developers and validators. To focus on the latest, DAOWallet is used for staking and to guarantee the safety and stability on DAOPlatform.

The release date will be announced later, will keep you informed.

There will be a chain of articles about DAOBet upcoming products, so stay tuned and be the first to follow all the updates!

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