In this series, we’ve been explaining how our core technologies make up the DAObet ecosystem. In this latest feature, we’ll be explaining how the Bankroller App provides the opportunity for bankroll backers to act as their own bank when playing, as well as how the technology enables them to select their own parameters for maximum enjoyment.

How does a Bankroller App benefit a bankroller backer?

The Bankroller App works by enabling a bankroll backer to be a ‘bank’ of the game with their BET tokens - the currency of our protocol. The owner of the tokens downloads an application, selects games and then starts bankrolling, acting as the financier of the game. DAObet allows our token holders to act as an online casino bank and contribute their own funds to the game. In our ecosystem, anyone can become a bankroll backer. That includes any affiliate, player or casino operator with their own website filled with games. DAObet makes online gambling as easy and transparent as possible for each of these parties.

And it is not only the bankroll backers that win. There are great prospects for developers, as creating, publishing and earning on the games are made far easier. Players will get a wide range of high-quality games. Affiliates will also be able to control and increase their income thanks to the vast audiences that these significant advantages are bound to attract.

How the technology works

It’s important to consider some of the technical nuances of the DAObet protocol. The game is registered in the blockchain and hosted in the IPFS, but the gameplay itself actually takes place within an off-chain channel. The player and the bankroll backer set the size of the deposit. The player indicates their balance, address details, and other parameters. Once the parties exchange signed data, the State channel is opened and the smart contract freezes the deposit. Now all subsequent transactions take place only between the player and the bankroll backer. The parties must then exchange state and position to generate random numbers according to the Signidice algorithm, which we will discuss in more detail below.

After generating a random number, the channel's status is updated. The bankroll backer checks, confirms, and then signs off on the status of the game and sends this information to the player. After each change of status between the parties, the channel changes to reveal only the latest state. When the channel is closed, the smart contract will receive the final tally and allocate funds accordingly.


This is an exciting opportunity for any affiliate, player or casino operator to become a bankroll banker through our app. They’ll be able to make money and fully maximize their enjoyment while playing a game within DAObet.


On a new DAObet website you'll be able to calculate your bankroller revenue.

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