Our ecosystem will offer a licensed pseudo-random number generator that you can trust. We will not only make online gambling more honest, but also simplify the development of games for studios. Our provision of this PRNG will allow game developers to spend more time on what they excel at: creating an enjoyable gambling experience for their end users.

Let us consider the operation of the PRNG algorithm in more detail. In the Ethereum Virtual Machine, a random number can be obtained in two ways: inside the blockchain or by using external oracles (trusted feeds of data). For example, to gain a random number within the blockchain, consider the complexity and time of the block:

uint256(keccak256(block.timestamp,block.difficulty)) % range

This method is not secure since miners may affect these settings. With the external method, you have to use a centralized source.

The Signidice algorithm is based on generating a random number from a cryptographic signature. In our case, it works like this: the player sends a random value to the bankroll of the backer, after which the backer signs this value with a secret key, different to the public key that the player can use. The player checks the signature, and on the basis of its validity the game round is recalculated. If the bankroll backer does not sign or signs with the wrong key, the player loads the round data into the smart contract, initiating a dispute.

The banker's backer faces one of two outcomes in this case. If they can provide a valid signature to the smart contract, the process takes place as normal and turns the signature into a random number. Next, the results of the round are computed and the game session is completed by the actions of the dealer. He can close the game by uploading the necessary data or he can continue by uploading the status in the channel. However, if the banker's backer does not provide a valid signature in this dispute phase, the contract after a certain number of blocks counts the victory in this round to the player. The dispute is closed, the money is distributed and the smart contract is executed.

Harnessing the power of blockchain

The value of technology is determined by how it can be used in real life. Blockchain tech cannot solve all of the problems, but its inherent decentralization, transparency and reliability makes it perfectly tailored for commercial solutions. We chose the best features of the blockchain, provided a high speed of transactions and created our own PRNG - A great combination which forms a complete ecosystem that will serve to better the gambling industry for everyone involved.

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