We continue to grow the international community around decentralization and the blockchain technology in the gambling industry. At the beginning of October, we will hold a hackathon in Minsk together with our friends, Imaguru Startup Hub.

Holding a joint event together with Imaguru Startup Hub is a first step on the way to a mutually beneficial partnership between our companies. Imaguru Startup Hub is an international meeting point for startups, investors and corporates, coders, and future generation of entrepreneurs. Everyone can learn here, create a team and meet a partner.

We are going to organize two open workshops from October 1st to 4th as a part of the Imaguru Blockchain [editor's note: applications development] School. Right after the workshops, from October 5th to 7th, we will hold a hackathon, where our development team will take part as a hackathon mentor. We intend to partner with the most forward-looking developers of the hackathon and the Blockchain School.

Fetisova: During the hackathon, our team will demonstrate our latest tools and instruments for [blockchain apps'] developers. We are willing to share knowledge with them. Our goal is to strengthen the decentralized gaming community, share our experience and create a friendly environment in this emerging industry. We have high hopes for the hackathon.

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