We’re grateful for everyone who took part in the Live Stream AMA-session! This was the first one we’ve done, and it was a lot of fun. You asked some challenging but vital questions that reflect the great progress DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino) is making. For those who missed it or who just prefer to read it, we’ve prepared this text-only version of the AMA.

Live Stream AMA-session

Part 1. Results of 2018

What technical improvements were made in 2018?

There’s no doubt that one of the most significant results of the year was an SDK release for Windows, macOS, and Linux. SDK is an essential part of the future gambling ecosystem as this set of tools allow to develop games using our protocol. With SDK, any developer is able to create games and have a share in the distribution of profits. Find more about SDK here. The public release is available on the GitHub.

Game Channels’ Paper
We have found a way of increasing interaction speed between DApps players, without losing any gas costs or security. The days of Ethereum generating a new block approximately every 15 seconds and every transaction taking an average of six minutes are now in the past. Our paper has proven how Game Channels will run on top of existing blockchains. This technology is based on the State Channels and Signidce and guarantees a fair result to any game.

Along with the above mentioned, we implemented gitflow, launched several environments for the developing and tests, increased the coverage of unit and autotest, improved CI/CD (continuous integration and deployment) and refactored our core JS libraries using typescript.

What are the most significant marketing results of 2018?

Redesign: New brand identity & website

As we move forward in our development we understand that DAOBet is shaping into a unique product. We decided to rethink the company design to reflect it better. DAO is an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a short and functional description. In our new logo the flowing horizontal lines form a fluid transition between the letters, giving another meaning to them - Developers, Affiliates, Casino Operators. It represents the synergy of the three fundamental participants of the gambling industry.

Together with this identity, we launched our new website. The main aim of DAOBet was not just to meet, but to exceed, all standards of the rapidly developing iGaming industry. It is the main information hub for DAOBet, a fixed place for everyone to find information about the key benefits of the protocol and the platform. It will also be the quickest way to get all our latest news and insights.

Events & Hackathons

We understand the importance of market presence and appearances as it allows us to promote our product amongst active market players and to remain up-to-date with the latest technologies.

During summer we made an appearance at Dappcon, an Ethereum-centered event, and IGB Live - a leading iGaming event. Autumn was packed with activities! Crypto Games Conference is always popular among blockchain developers. And last, but not least, was the SiGMA event that attracted around 12,500+ participants from the gambling industry, where our experts took part in the panel discussions and held talks.

It also important to mention the hackathons we’ve been to this year. When we released SDK it was crucial to attract developers and gather their feedback. Imaguru Minsk, Gamenode, Malta Blockchain Hackathon – all these hackathons helped us to move forward in the development. We set the bar high every time. As a result, we managed to exceed an impressive number of more than 150+ developers that were able to interact with the SDK. These developers are very likely to become the first ones to run their games inside the DAOBet ecosystem.

This year we launched the Sandbox project. We’ve collected hundreds of applications and carefully picked 15 teams. Though they are from different parts of the world and speak different languages, they share their passion for developing ambitious projects and blockchain technology. Users of Sandbox will learn the foundations of decentralized applications development on DAOBet protocol. Developers participating in Sandbox will learn to create, design and deploy decentralized games and applications on Ethereum blockchain.

Part 2. Plans for 2019

When will the roadmap be ready?
The roadmap for 2019 is currently in progress and will be released soon.

When will the product be released?
Product release and mainnet start are the most asked questions among others. We’re giving our maximum effort in order to release it as soon as possible without compromising or a drop in quality. We understand that quality will play the most important role in company success. The estimated product release is planned for Q3 2019. Demo and test games are planned for Q1. We’re also planning to invite the community to public beta-tests.

When are you going to hit another exchange?
Every company that issues a token is facing the same market issues - token price, hitting new exchanges and creating volume and liquidity. As BET is a utility token, its market qualities are dictated by the demand of the product and linked to a technology that lies underneath. That’s why we’re focused on delivering the product as the release will lead to a better performance of the token. We’re planning to hit more exchanges closer to the product release.

Part 3. Questions from the community

What stack of technologies do we use?

  • Languages: Solidity, JS(Node, React), TypeScript
  • Libraries: truffle, ganache, web3.js, libp2p
  • Unittests: mocha, chai
  • Autotests: Selenium, PTest, Python
  • Devops; Gitlab, Docker, Kubernetes

What types of games will be available on the platform?

At the moment we are focused on the one step games  - Dice, Baccarat, Shell Games, Slots, etc. We’re also researching multi-step games.

Are you expecting to receive a license?

DAOBet is a unique product that has no analogs. It’s a complicated system that is new to the market. The decision we’re considering does not fit into any existing license and jurisdiction. Right now we’re actively negotiating with existing regulators to come up with the best option.

What is DAOBet’s answer to the ETH network issues?

The community highlighted speed and scalability issues within the Ethereum network. At the moment we’re actively researching the options on the market like Counterfactual generalized state channels, as well as creating our own solutions and code optimization. We also would like to mention that we already optimized the protocol by implementing Game Channels technology, allowing us to perform the bulk of the operations off-chain, and by doing so decrease the load on the EVM.

Are you planning to collaborate with existing gambling companies?

Yes. This year we have been actively looking for future partners and companies to enter the platform. During our marketing appearances and the international events we’ve been to, we managed to sign a significant amount from the agreements of intent. There is already a waiting list of affiliates, casino operators and developers who are waiting to benefit from DAOBet ecosystem.

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