Our hackathon was hosted at the Malta Blockchain Summit, an exclusive event attended by the most talented and successful representatives of the blockchain industry.

Malta Blockchain Summit Lobby

Taking place from October 31 to November 2, all three days were action-packed. Attending the summit were giants of the crypto industry, including, among many others, John McAfee and Ian Balina. For these three days, Malta became the world’s capital for blockchain and iGaming.

John McAfee and Andrey Starkov, our full-stack developer

DAObet and the hackathon

We co-organized the event in Malta in an official capacity, with our goals for the hackathon outlined here on our blog. During the event, we focused on game development with the use of our SDK, adaptation of projects for our protocol and the creation of a web wallet. We successfully reached all of our goals and got several solutions developed. Thanks to these efforts, we will continue to support these solutions on our platform in the future.

The Teams

The Malta hackathon has gathered the strongest lineup of participants, unrivaled by any event we had previously attended. Most participants are experienced game developers, with some even having blockchain development experience. The results of the hackathon reflected this fact, as many teams managed to produce working DApps on DAObet protocol.

Tensegrity, III place: $10,000

Tensegrity team with their prize

Beginning our Top 3 is the project by Tensegrity team (Savva Antoniuk, Sergey Ankarenko, Alexey Poloz, and Igor Sondors) - Dice with voice controls. Aside from taking 3rd place in the main contest, the team also received the awards of Best DAO.Casino Game and Best Solution on DAO.Casino Protocol.

This was because they managed to create the first fully-functional game with voice controls on DAObet protocol. This kind of thinking could lead to a whole new kind of decentralized games appearing on our platform in the future. Another interesting detail to outline: One of the team members actually got involved with blockchain games’ development after seeing a DAObet project in 2017.

It is a great example of a developer growing together with the team that inspired him at the beginning of his path. DAObet will proudly feature the final version of the game on the upcoming platform after the release, and in the meantime, the team receives their $10k prize.

T-pass, II place: $15,000

T-pass team

One of the best projects at the hackathon was a fantastic non-gaming, technological solution for secure storage of private keys developed by team T-pass (Bartosz Barwikowski, Lukasz Skarzynski, Lukasz Berwid and Konrad Daroch), for which they get the 2nd place prize of $15k. DAObet emphasizes security from the very beginning of the development of our protocol and this is why such a well-devised system of secure storage is especially valuable as an achievement of the hackathon. We’re excited to be working on integrating the solution into our protocol in the future.

DataArt, I place: $25,000

DataArt, I place, $25,000

The grand prize of $25k went to the superb DataArt team (Igor Kozhurenko, Vladislav Dmitriev, Maksym Chernikov, Alexander Kuzmenko and Anatoly Rubtsov) for their highly-innovative charity lottery project. This project already provides a strong connection with our protocol, as we already streamline the blockchain integration process. As such, this game allows us to implement our brand new Signidice technology, a provably fair PRNG algorithm, ensuring fair outcomes in games using the protocol.

Other teams

There were some honorable mentions for teams that didn’t make it into the Top 3 of the main competition. The jury was impressed by the slot-machine project with great visuals that was produced by the Gaming for Good team. The developers used a relatively exotic engine - PlayCanvas - which didn’t prevent them from adapting it to work with our protocol. Their reward is receiving the Best Visualization award from our team, as well as their game being featured in our marketplace after the platform’s release.

The awards of DAO.Casino Integration and Best Smart Contracts go to Quizbox and ESCA teams respectively. The former successfully integrated a quiz app with crypto payouts into our protocol, while the latter developed a tiered wager and liquidity-based DApp for ERC721 collectibles, using our framework for entropy.

You can take a look at DApps, developed by competing teams at the official MBH website.

We extend our gratitude to the participants of Malta Blockchain Summit, organizers and DAObet community members. Follow our latest news and updates, as we shape the future of the iGaming industry together.

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