DAObet (ex — DAO.Casino) is shaping a new online gambling industry with cutting-edge technology. Our old logo and brand identity did not fully reflect this philosophy. A well-designed logo should have a modern and energetic look, which the dice simply lacks.

«We understand the importance of visual design and logo for a company’s positioning, especially prior to release of crucial products, — says Dmitry Belianin, Chief Marketing Officer at DAObet. — This is why we didn’t stop at simply updating our logo, but completely redesigned our brand identity”.

The new brand identity and logo are made of fluid shapes that have a futuristic look. DAO is an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a short and functional description. In our new logo the flowing horizontal lines form a fluid transition between the letters, giving another meaning to them - Developers, Affiliates, Casino Operators. It represents the synergy of the three fundamental participants of the gambling industry.
We have created a brand language that briefly communicates our innovative processes, using a series of streamlined connections between letters to visually represent fluidity. The brand system utilizes a simple modern grotesque font at the headlines.
The next milestone of DAObet’s marketing strategy will be the launch of a new website. The official site will be redesigned in alignment with our brand identity to better visually express the mission and philosophy of our company.

«We have done a tremendous job designing our new brand identity, — added Dmitry Belianin. — It clearly matches our merchandise. T-shirts and bags branded with DAObet logo are great for everyday wear. Ahead of upcoming major events we are planning to hold a prize draw for our community with a chance to win the new merchandise. Stay tuned.»


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