Hello everyone! Today we had a special day we’d like to share with you in our short story. The first hackathon by DAObet (ex — DAO.Casino) has marked the beginning of a new stage of work for us, that will help us prepare the SDK and our Protocol for the final release.

Registration: DAObet team welcomes the first hackathon participants

Hackathoners waiting for the event to start

Everyone enjoys the laid-back atmosphere and casual chatting

DAObet showing some team spirit

The opening of the hackathon. The organizers and partners welcome the participants.

Pitch session for participants

Hackathon team forming

The teams have been formed. 3, 2, 1… GO!


We’d like to thank everyone who’s following us - our token holders, community members and crypto enthusiasts. In our further updates we’ll continue covering the events taking place at the hackathon, so stay tuned!

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