Hello from DAOBet (ex — DAO.Casino). We are always keen to keep you up to date, and that is why we are letting you know of the big progress on our Wallet for the DAOPlatform.

Why we created the DC Wallet

“We began the Wallet project by asking not “what is the Wallet?”, but “what should the Wallet be?”

Max Tesla, Head of Digital Experience

And it is that vision and ambition that have been evident at every stage of the DC Wallet. As we all know, blockchain-related interfaces can be tricky to use. And that security is vital. Security standards and limitations often require an important but tedious registration and a login process that are very frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why DAOBet created the DC Wallet, in order to make a universal wallet for multiple platforms, without any lengthy sign up and confirmation process.

Here you can see the registration process

How it works

The Platform authorizes a one-time transaction, which enables the user to keep BET and ETH on the platform, as well as being able to both transfer and receive them.

After registration within the ETH network or by buying BET tokens, the user can send the BET tokens or ETH directly by using the receiver's address or by scanning a QR code (this scheme also works vice versa). The Wallet stores the private key in a cyphered way and provides a secure solution for opening and closing game channels, as well as the cryptocurrency usage.

As you can see below, the interface really is neat and easy to use.

Why it is so special

“We put the user’s needs at the heart of our design process. We worked closely with our development team to foster the product integrity, as well as harmonization between its aesthetic qualities as a digital product, and the UX design.”

Max Tesla, Head of Digital Experience

And that teamwork, ambition and product integrity is why DAOBet is continually developing and improving the user experience. That design you see is an MVP prototype. The Wallet is associated with the SDK, and as you will notice above, when playing games the status of the channel will be displayed. That means the wallet is integrated with the games themselves. Functionality is ready and the code will not change significantly, as design is still the concept.

Unlike the standard sign up process in blockchain, the creation of the wallet means the user can now sign up with a username and password. The recovery is used in the seed phrase, not by the traditional method of email. We store the information details in the encrypted form, as well as user keys, which will be used for the signing of any transaction.

Here is how ETH and BET are sent

An Exciting Future

We are not stopping there as we are looking to add more user flexibility within our innovation. It should be easy to exchange the processing of Fiat money via cards through DEX. The Wallet is currently integrated into the Platform, in order to do so, we used React and Redux and styles on Styled Components for the Wallet application. However, in the future, we have the plan to develop a universal API for integrating the wallet into any application. All those components are used as a mediator between the Wallet and our ETH/BET library.

As ever, we are always keen to share our latest developments and exciting plans with you. Look out for another set of updates soon on our continued progress.

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