Aside from creating his own video games, Florin produces educational content for other developers and aspires to become a teacher in Germany. Florin’s youtube channel - WiLD is a go-to resource for game development tutorials on Phaser and showcases of his work. Despite Phaser being a niche framework, around two thousand people follow the channel, and the number keeps growing.

DAObet protocol will provide unique opportunities for game developers to monetize their projects regardless of their size. We're now engaging in active phase of collaboration with the developer community: we've launched Sandbox and released our SDK. Our goal is, together with Florin Gusa, to provide the developers interested in our SDK with educational content, videos and tutorials. Together with Florin we will not only assist beginners, but help the experienced developers be the first to tap into the great potential that DAObet protocol offers to the iGaming industry. Subscribe to our channel and Florin's channel and follow the blog - there's a lot of great stuff ahead.

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