DAOBet partnered with MixBytes to provide a unified solution for building the Gambling 3.0 Industry. This partnership is of great value to DAOBet Blockchain creation, as there will be more high-level experts taking part in creating a brighter future for the gambling industry.

MixBytes is a company of skilled professional developers, which focuses on Blockchain development, tech advisory and smart contract audit. For example, some of their recent researches are the Storage for upgradable Ethereum smart contracts and Random numbers and decentralized networks, showing MixBytes’ deep understanding of the market trends combined with an advanced technological background.

MixBytes are to provide DAOBet with thorough consulting and collaborate to create the DAOBet Blockchain, featuring all the necessary technologies to ensure the future prosperity of decentralized gambling, as finality, random number generator, high throughput, low latency and more.

In more detail, MixBytes is working on eliminating the lack of finality issue to provide a more secure and faster solution for decentralized gambling. DAOBet has chosen MixBytes for this mission as a trustworthy group of experts, specializing on those narrow themes that require attention.

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