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Thanks to a very extensive and detailed research (gamechannels.pdf, 349.7KB) in conjunction with BlockProof Tech LLC, we have found a way to increase interaction speed between DApps players, without losing any gas costs or security. The days of Ethereum generating a new block approximately every 15 seconds and every transaction taking an average of six minutes are now in the past. Our paper has proven how Game Channels will run on top of existing blockchains.

What we wanted to discover

For such a specific form of research, DAObet was keen to work with outside experts too. So, alongside Alexander Davydov from DAObet, Alisa Chernyaeva and Ilya Shirobokov from the Blockproof Tech LLC were involved and very much in charge. The whole of Blockproof Tech LLC carried out the research.

We know how important speed is to any of the participants of the online gambling industry: players, affiliates, casino operators and game developers. Casino and video games rely on a fast interaction to create more interaction and gameplay. After all, the process has numerous requirements. There must be a provably fair pseudo-random number generation support, instant verification of randomly generated numbers and after a bet, parties have to share revenue with each other. But while fast, it’s not fast enough. That’s why we wanted to find a quicker technology that allows launching blockchain-based single player P2P games without fees for additional transactions. And the same system that allows zero delays between moves or rounds.

But it wasn’t just the basics we wanted. It had to meet all the options we offer. That’s why it had to suit a two-party game, so the scenario of a casino versus a player. It also needed to work for any game that requires the PRNG tool to function. And for payment to be easily obtained and simple to trace back.

What this research proves

We are always looking to the future and what blockchain improvements would make the most impact. That’s why we know that a faster game speed is vital and the difference a faster, more secure and yet still flexible system would have. Our research with Blockproof Tech LLC demonstrates that we have found the perfect system.

We already know state channels solve the problem of scalability while increasing the blockchain's speed and efficiency. That’s why we used them as a foundation and built it around the needs of the gambling market. That’s how we created Game Channels, with an enabled Signidice PRNG that uses unique digital signatures. There is also a dispute resolution mechanism. The potential use of Game Channels technology is not only for casino games. Some types of online gaming may also be able to use it.

Gambling 3.0

Some companies talk about 1.0. Keeping it simple. Staying away from the digital world and sticking with slot machines and table games in person. Other companies talk about 2.0. So that means they’re into iGaming but they’re not keen on change and are content with how things are. Here at DAObet, we talk bigger. That’s why we’re introducing an exciting new term for the gambling world. Gambling 3.0 is all about our innovation, our desire to use technology to create a greater experience for anyone using DAObet.

The gambling 3.0 industry is fully regulated by technology. It’s all part of the process of how we are building a decentralized protocol for gambling on Ethereum blockchain that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants. Creating new and better opportunities for casino operators, game developers, affiliates and players. That includes the possibility of game developers and casino operators creating games and becoming a casino operator. Not only are we making it easier for you to all get involved, but we’re making it easier to earn revenue.

What an MIT Ph.D. graduate in Computer Science had to say

Here’s a review from Mark Reynolds, a Research Scientist from Boston University and a graduated MIT Ph.D. in Computer Science.

This paper describes "Game Channels", a novel approach that applies blockchain technologyto the gambling industry. It is well known that blockchain technology has issues with scalabilityas well as transaction times. The longer a blockchain becomes, the more problematic theseissues can become. In the worst case a distinctly user-unfriendly experience results. Manyapproaches have been tried to mitigate these issues; one of the most promising approachesis that of "state channels". This paper describes a modified form of state channels thatthey refer to as "Game Channels". The primary application is to gambling with two participants(dealer/player and player/player).”
“The paper describes the algorithms used from a transaction-based approach, in whicheach game action is associated with an exchange of data, which may be thought ofas a message. Great care is taken in rigorous defining these data exchanges, which ofcourse are based on strong cryptographic primitives. The paper also presents a disputeresolution mechanism that can be used to mitigate certain common forms of cheating.The exposition is thorough and lucid. All currently known algorithms that are thoughtto be "unbreakable" have undergone years of cryptanalysis, simulation and red-teaming,so more work needs to be done, but this reviewer's initial impression is that thisapproach shows significant promise.”


Our research is showing just what is possible when working with us. We are always looking for new opportunities, and have proven another way to improve the user experience. DApps will be able to run on existing blockchains, meaning that casino games will be able to be played faster than ever before, and just as secure.

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