We’re excited to announce the addition of Windows support and the Ethereum testnet selection feature as the next major updates to our SDK.

When implementing the new features, we took into account the feedback received at the Minsk hackathon and from our Sandbox developers. That’s why the updates were focused on making major improvements in compatibility, functionality and efficiency. Even the preparations for the big international event, Malta blockchain hackathon, did not halt our progress and we added over 100 commits to our repository. The graph below illustrates our github statistics.

Github statistics


From our research, we found out that many developers who tested our SDK prefer to use Windows as their main platform. Our first iteration of SDK had certain compatibility issues, but we have now solved this problem. Everyone can now try developing blockchain games on our protocol on Mac, Linux or Windows.

Functionality and Efficiency

In order to improve the user-friendliness of our SDK, we’re trying a different approach.This new version doesn’t need to be copied all at once, as its installation process is broken down into several NPM-packages installed in the main SDK Example repository. Thanks to our optimisation being reduced nearly three-fold, the size of the SDK Example repostory is smaller and the setup process is simplified as a result.

Another important addition is the out-of-the-box support for various Ethereum test networks. Developers can now switch between Ropsten, Rinkeby and local testnet. In the current SDK, we also separated the SDK startup from the bankroller app, which is now started manually - a different version for each test network type.

Our development team will continue to further improve the SDK, so make sure you don’t miss the updates on our progress. A final reminder: we’re still accepting Sandbox applications if you wanted to make a last-minute entry.

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