With an audience increase of over 50%, this year’s SiGMA expo smashed the visitor record, rising from last year’s number of 8,000 to a new high of 12,500 people. Held in Malta and in only its fourth year, the event is now officially more popular than ever for blockchain experts and enthusiasts.

The iGaming expo gained huge exposure for two main reasons. Firstly, the organizers are able to attract the most renowned blockchain and iGaming experts, and create productive discussions on the most current and pressing challenges of these industries. Secondly, Malta is becoming a safe haven for blockchain, the place attracting a lot of exciting projects due to its favourable and well thought-out regulations. Maltese regulators have a serious interest in iGaming and their example proves that a dialogue between government and companies is far more productive than restrictions and limitations.

DAOBet stand - Platform showcase

DAOBet team made every effort to provide each visitor to our stand with relevant and valuable information about our company’s projects, recent developments and goals. Those who are just becoming familiar with DAOBet were presented an overview video and a working showcase of our platform, which were demonstrated at the stand.

We had more than 500 visitors. In only a short time, the scale of networking we were able to achieve was truly impressive and we soon hope to disclose more information about our newest partnerships.

For an international company it’s important to get its experts involved in discussions on the industry’s problems. It helps not only to broadcast the company’s position on various issues, but also to better comprehend market trends. We’re proud that some DAOBet team members were invited to take part in panel discussions at SiGMA expo. These were Alexandra Fetisova, Project Manager, who discussed the influence of regulations on blockchain, AR and VR industries, and Dmitry Belianin, CMO, who shared his insight on the untapped potential that blockchain technology has in store for gambling and iGaming on a discussion panel entitled “Gambling on the blockchain: Possibilities for game developers”.

Dmitry has touched upon the notion of Gambling 3.0 and a whole new level for the gambling industry that will be brought upon by the positive changes made possible by implementing all of the blockchain features for the common good.

People who make the difference

A separate challenge that many innovative companies have to face today is finding qualified team members. Mike Barkov, our Chief Human Resources Officer also attended SiGMA and shared his impressions.

It was an excellent experience for me to speak to game evangelists who bring 3.0 game technologies into the industry. During the entire conference I got lots of new contacts and moreover picked up some potential long-term partnerships. Also, I talked to a wide range of iGaming representatives during our presence at the DAOBet stand. I've been so enthusiastic about attending this event. I would love to have this opportunity again.


SiGMA expo is a unique iGaming and blockchain event and our team was delighted to be a part of it. Businesses around the world are getting increasingly aware of the advantages that blockchain technology represents and this highlights the importance of events that accelerate the adoption of cutting edge technology. We’re happy to see such events like SiGMA get even bigger. We are also looking to develop our company at the same speed, and hopefully the SiGMA 2019 expo will be an event dedicated to Gambling 3.0.

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