DAOBet are pleased to announce our next big milestone, with the release of an integral piece of coding that will launch us and our community into the next generation of gambling based on blockchain - Gambling 3.0.

Whats is in this release?

This first public release of the DAOBet blockchain project source code, introduces our revolutionary consensus algorithm, RANDPA. Based on EOSIO a Delegate Proof of Stake System, the dynamic consensus algorithm reaches deterministic finality in a record-breaking 2-3 seconds.

This improvement significantly reduces wait times for transactions and all smart contract-based operations, including Game Channels.

The DAOBet team have worked tirelessly to create this innovative new mechanism for consensus, in order to guarantee its reliability. RANDPA’s finality process has the capacity to finalize multiple block concurrently, while remaining safe.

Unlike previous generations of consensus algorithms, RANDPA can reach finally almost instantaneously. In terms of poor network performance, this means RANDPA has the capacity to finalize many blocks at the once, preventing a backlog.

Not only does all of this decrease wait times on state channel operations, it also enables superior scalability to enable the processing of multiple applications simultaneously.

As RANDPA’s implementation is still in the developmental phase it is recommended that it only be utilized for test purposes. Testing and benchmarking tools accompany the release, enabling users to run RANDPA on their personal machines.

Notable Repos Opening Up

The DAOBet community can find our repos here: https://github.com/DaoCasino/dc-blockchain

./scripts/dcc_build.sh - Project build script
./plugins/randpa_plugin/tests/randpa_plugin_unit_test - RANDPA consensus algorithm unit tests
./simulator/simulator - RANDPA and blockchain multi node communication simulation
./../tutorials/randpa-tutorial/setup.sh - Validator setup script

From here on out...

DAOBet is in a great position to corner the market thanks to this new release - revolutionizing the gaming and gambling industry with all the benefits of blockchain and faster capacity than ever before.

The DAOBet team are currently diligently preparing for the release of the TESTNET, which will be announced shortly. To become a validator fill out a form on DAOBet website. Stayed tuned with all the latest updates on DAOBet’s Gambling 3.0 blockchain on our social media channels.

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