There are many myths around the growing blockchain gambling industry. Besides, its technical aspects are quite difficult to understand, unless you are a professional blockchain developer or an employee of DAObet. We have collected some of the most popular misunderstandings about the blockchain gambling industry and DAObet.

Let's start with the most popular one.

We talk a lot to those who are interested in the blockchain technology but do not yet understand it deeply. The second most common myth concerns Bitcoin and a blockchain technology.

As often as not, on the Internet, you will face the myth about the company called "DAObet" who create games for online casinos and gambling operators.

And now, the myth, which you may hear among the more advanced fans of blockchain gambling.

On the 5th place lives a widespread delusion that concerns the decentralized industry in general. Do not underestimate professionals, working hard in start-ups, exploring blockchain. These world-changers are passionate professionals to the core.

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